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Rykten om 8th Ed.

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Site Admin

Registreringsdatum: 29 mars 2010
Inlägg: 987
Ort: Länna

InläggPostat: 2010-04-18 16:24:38    Rubrik: Rykten om 8th Ed. Svara med citat

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The One and Only - The Tony!
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Registreringsdatum: 29 mars 2010
Inlägg: 44
Ort: Vittinge

InläggPostat: 2010-04-18 18:24:11    Rubrik: Svara med citat

Ser intressant ut
Pass me another Itxi Grub...
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Registreringsdatum: 29 mars 2010
Inlägg: 25
Ort: Morgongåva

InläggPostat: 2010-04-19 09:17:39    Rubrik: Läsa Svara med citat

Satt precis och ville ha nått att läsa!
Ska kika igenom det direkt!
"And, behold, the almighty god-king Settra did awaken from his sleep of blessed oblivion. His legions, long buried beneath the sands, did arise and stand to attention, awaiting his order. And he did say "War", and the world did tremble..."
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Registreringsdatum: 31 mars 2010
Inlägg: 2145
Ort: Uppsala

InläggPostat: 2010-04-19 13:05:44    Rubrik: Svara med citat

WarSeers ryktessammanfattning

With a little heads up from Avian to create a rumour roundup here we go. If you have rumours you have heard post them or PM if it's night time in England, and I'll put them up here. As a word of warning however, everything posted here may not be released this year. To quote harry;

Originally Posted by Harry
Steppingonyou has said lots of things. He says things he has been shown. However he is the first to say that he puts no timescale on these things.Just because something exists as a 'Green' or a '3 up' or even a rapid prototype does not mean that it will appear any time soon. (If at all!!!). Some of the stuff that is in the first post will not appear in 2010.
8th Ed is to be released this year, however the rules are still be whipped around and changed, if such events continue, 8th ed is in danger of being pushed back in the timeline just like Ogres.

8th Ed Starter Set: Will contain High Elves and Skaven (From Steppingonyou, Harry and Nightsword)
Contents Known so far;
Plastic Griffon
New Plastic High Elf Spearmen
Plastic Silver Helms
Plastic Weapon's team of some sort for Skaven
Warpstone pile!!! its a objective marker. paint it green. No spiderweb wrapped slayer though.
Somesort of terrain is to be included in the starter.

Kits/ Army Books that are on the cards soon;
Wood elves and Brets not being redone anytime soon (saddly)
Tomb Kings are also on the horizon (with new minis)
New Orc Boys are coming (molds spotted being cut)
New Orc Book is on the horizon
New Orc Boar Boys
Splash Release Jungle Swarms(Buy enough and they'll get re-released, like the the 40k Laser thing)
New plastic squig herds
Plastic Savage Orc Boyz

Rules Changes

It has been said that army construction is moving back to percentages.

There have been not been strong rumours yet to support a specific % for each slot. However most people seem to believe it will be limited to 25& for Special and Rare choices, with armies always having to take 25% min core.

It is currently disputed wether the Slot System will be dropped.

Categories for core/special/rare are remaining.


No longer are power dice generated by the number of spellcasters. The pool is now decided by 2D6. All Magic users add their magic level to the score rolled.

All Wizards have a chance to generate more power dice. - Avian

Irrestiable force will ahve a downside (Maye forgeting the spell for example)

If a wizard fails to cast spells (not counting dispels) in subsequent attempts he/she miscasts

Miscasts will be harder to have but much more devastating.

Dispel scroll will noe only add dispel dice (+2 dice to the dispel dice pool once per game). (This may be possibly just speculation)

Somepeople have said you may be albe to, "carry" over power dice, but holding too many power dice could have drawbacks.

All the book Lores will have more supportive spells than they have now, and will all be getting a major remake to fit in with the new edition. Each magic lore will get a SUPER speel like Curse of The Horned Rat for example.

Dispel attempts will be made by independent wizards, kind of like a magic duel.

There will be a higher chance of miscast if you multiple casters.

If a wizard fails to cast a spell, he cannot cast any more spells for the rest of the magic phase.

Close Combat

There are 2 new rules to be introduced here; What I have named 'Stepping up', and a 'Horde' rule. - Harry.

What is 100% clear is that models in the second rank will have some role to play in most combats

Stepping Up Rule- Harry/ Avian

Basically how this works is that the second rank get to fight only if the guy in front is killed. But they only get a single attack regardless of what their profile attacks are, or what weapons they are carrying.

It is not yet clear whether special rules can be used in addition to this to this or not. (frenzy, hatred and killing blow etc).

No word has come on how spears will work in the new Edition.

In other news, cavalry will still only fight in 1 rank.

Eg; You have a unit of 20 guys, 5x4, 5 of which are in base contact with the enemy and 15 are not. The enemy strikes first and kills 6 of your guys. As you now have 14 models you have sufficient numbers to step up and replace casualties.

Because the front 2 ranks consists of 10 models overall, 6 of which are now dead, you still get to fight back with 4 models. In the next round of combat, the ranks are reset, so 5 models are in base contact, 5 in the second rank (capable of ‘stepping up’) and 4 in the third (remember, you still have 14 models). This time the enemy kills a further 8 models, leaving you with 2 models that get to fight back and a unit of 6. - "Grimstonefire"

"Horde" special rule
Fight in 3 ranks if 10+ wide (4 with spears). - Avian

Ony one save may be used against an attack now, just like in 40k. Youmust choose wether to use your ward save/ armour save.

Crush them! Special Rule
Creatures like Minos, Ogres and Trolls etc; will have a
dditional stomp/crush attacks. This is to represent there sheer size and them trampling smaller/lesser races underfoot. The bigger the creature the better the attack. These are not like impact hits.

There will be fewer armour save modifiers.

Not much is known about the shooting phase but here we go!

Armour save modifiers will also be fewer here.

Archers will fire in two ranks, not just High Elves- Harry

Somebody suggested the removal of guess range from warmachines. (If this was you PM me!)


Fear and Terror
When in combat, units or monsters will gain additional points to their combat res. As normal this will be added to the number of wounds caused by the Fear/Terror model/unit, as well as ranks, banners, etc. These bonuses may be cumulative between fear/terror causing things attacking a unit.
Autobreaking from fear or terror is gone. (And it's about time!- Deff)

For guidelines on how these missions might look, check the GW Grand/Doubles tournament sceanarios.

There will be around 15 missions in the new rulebook. About 8 or 9 of the missions need Core units to capture objective, in addition to this units will require banners to capture objectives. Several missions had multiple objectives.

Victory conditions have been mentioned rather than "victory points".

Terrain: Difficult terrain may be merged with very difficult and envelop more things. Many presume more than affecting just movement, perhaps shooting or magic casting.

Rumours that have discredited

Lapping around
Weapons using the flame template or large or small blast templates automatically hit any model in contact rather than cause partial hits.

Odd bits of rumours;

Originally Posted by Mike3791
I heard a rumor that fear causing units will either be immune to panic or be able to reroll panic tests in the next edition. Fluffwise, it would be explained in a similiar manner that orcs don't panic when goblins flee. If this is true this would mostly benefit "orge sized" units; orges/trolls/minotaurs etc. I apologize if this belongs in a different form.
Originally Posted by Zark the Damned
Have noticed this snippet in today's GW article for Beastmen:

(from )

Centigor count as cavalry, so in the current edition a Great Weapon only gives them +1S, not +2 (have been discussing this with my housemate who plays Beastmen)

Is this a case of GW editor incompetence, or is it a hint to changes in 8th?
Originally Posted by steppingonyou
i was writing a post in the bret thread and tried to post it but it got closed. but i figured you should see it. take it with a grain of salt and also, i lie, or make stuff up. thats not sarcasm. thats my new disclaimer.

anyways i started to type this:

you know, i like the direction this thread is going in. i see real potential here. i mean since this thread will get lock/deleted i can say just about anything and even break my "no more rumors" rule just once. questing knights are getting lances back. they have a 2handed weapon for later attacks and have a rule that allows them to choose an enemy unit to get a bonus to wound on. the fluff states they think that they have grail quest info or such. at least its a rumor i heard.

so now that i broke my rules on posting rumors/telling stories/making stuff up, i think i can tell you that i might watch out for soon to be killed posts and drop rumors in them. at least then the will be in the rubbish bin where they belong.

"I have been told that there will be more terrain releases for WFB, of a larger scale than the previous stuff.
I think the "year of WFB" is coming but that it was delayed by GW clearing their inventory of already finished products for 40K. " (A rumour from a Eshin Assain, his name cannot be told, although a certain person called Hastings hinted at this the other day as well!(It wasn't Hastings, he has just said this as well.))

Originally Posted by phoenixguard09
Hi. I've recently been told at my local GW that Brets are getting plastic Questing Knights. I've taken this with a grain of salt but I figured that you might be interested. Cheers and great work with the roundup thread.
[quote=steppingonyou;4414462]So having played 3 games with the new rule changes, I can say that some will like it and some wont. just like the last 4 editions.

The artwork and full color pages are as expected, amazing.

I will say it cleared up alot of the whiskey tango foxtrot moments i had with the current movement spells added recently to armys. the beast one for me had a "why would i cast that ever" feel to it. Now it has a "why would i not cast that" feel to it [QOUTE]

[quote=steppingonyou;4414462]Only subject that is totaly off limits for me is magic. not touching it with a ten foot pole[QOUTE]
Which is worrying since Steppingonyou plays Vampire Counts

Originally Posted by Godel
I post what I have heard...I cannot tell if who told me these things is reliable, but usually he is ok^^
Fly rule is nerfed in some way, I don't know how...
It's probably (but not sure) that monsters with Killing Blow has this rule against monster of the same or lesser sizes
Monster will have Impact Hits, depending on sizes...I think, monster on 40x40 will have D3 impact hits, such as minotaurs
That's all he told me...

THEY ARE RUMORS, so I don't know if they are true or not
Bye ^^
Originally Posted by Iverald
I know I'm lazy to not actually look up the correct name for this Skaven monster, but according to [Deleted by the Inquisition] said Abomination is due to be released sometime in the summer (June?).

This was passed to me by [Deleted by the Inquisition] .

What is more, [Deleted by the Inquisition] . We do not have GW shops, or many shops which carry miniatures for that matter. People just know each other well, so such hints spoken in private are not ruled out, especially if [Deleted by the Inquisition]. [Deleted by the Inquisition] asked me to make him an Abomination, but after a short time I was told not to bother because of the incoming release.

This rumour is of course to be taken with the ubiquitous pinch of salt. I would also like to ask you not to post any details regarding [Deleted by the Inquisition] . Please do not mention [Deleted by the Inquisition] either , because the culprit could be singled out pretty easily.
[quote=theDarkGeneral]I've talked quite a bit with a good friend, who now lives out of state...he told me the nerf on Magic has to do with failing to cast a spell multiple times...example:

Vamp Lord attempts Invocation of Nehek and rolls a '2' so the spell doesn't go off

Vamp Lord attempts Invocation of Nehek and rolls a '2' so the spell doesn't go off, now has to make a "test" to see if it counts as a Miscast of some sort!

I guess the idea behind it is that accessing the Winds of Magic is much more dangerous then thought, and can grant the attention of the entities in the Realm of Chaos!

Also, on Magic, if a Mage casts, he must continue casting, no skipping from Mage "A" to Mage "B" then back to Mage "A"...but this sounds a bit off.
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Site Admin

Registreringsdatum: 29 mars 2010
Inlägg: 25
Ort: Morgongåva

InläggPostat: 2010-04-19 18:59:08    Rubrik: Ojdå! Svara med citat

Vilka förändringar, men detta var bara rykten eller?
Såg lovande ut i vilket fall :D
"And, behold, the almighty god-king Settra did awaken from his sleep of blessed oblivion. His legions, long buried beneath the sands, did arise and stand to attention, awaiting his order. And he did say "War", and the world did tremble..."
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