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The battle of Duriza - teaser

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InläggPostat: 2015-08-11 08:21:38    Rubrik: The battle of Duriza - teaser Svara med citat

Detta slag kommer att spelas inom kort och är det första i en lös, narrativ kampanj i Traumatica - det 10:e riket. Nyupptäckt av Sigmar och kaosgudarna. Krafter släpps lös i Traumatica, som behållit mycket av "traditionerna" från "Den gamla världen".


The Battle at The Gate of Duriza

General Hietanen lowered his binoculars and sighed. The fine view of the pastoral countryside was soiled by the caravan of brutal looking soldiers advancing on the ridge some miles away. It was no doubt, the vile forces of chaos had found the way to the Duriza and were getting close. Too close. The smell in the air told him that it was the forces of the plague that moved towards them. If they got hold of the Portti the Nordland would suffer greatly, as would all other lands within this realm. Everything beautiful would turn into rot and sickness would rule. And then, even worse things would surely follow... Hietanen sighed again. It would never end... it would still be raging battles when he was gone and when his daughter was gone and when her children were gone... He shuddered. If anything happened to his dear Tuula... He turned to the Talonmies and bade him gather the war-council. There was work to do and it had to be done quickly. An all-out attack.. Stem the tide of brute violence before it hits the fragile humanity... it was the only way! The gate-keeper of Duriza turned on the spot, fear showing in his eyes, and quickstepped down the stairs towards the war-room.

Lord Vektris Entragian rode slowly at the head of his advancing mass of soldiers. The gate was near and he would take it. By Nurgle, he would! And then... Scabeiathrax was waiting, , eager, longing, planning... when he arrived through the gate, these lands would be turned into the greatest garden ever made in Nurgle's name. Oh, the envy of Khorne, that mindless and drooling idiot, it would drive him even more insane. And Tzeentch... Entragian had to laugh... the great schemer and manipulator... had missed this realm. Overlooked it. And Slaanesh... gone.. missing... it was too wonderful! These lands, this realm, laid bare for the Father of Decay to pluck. And pluck it he would!

Suddenly horns were blowing in the distance. Good, Entragian thought, it's about time! He turned backwards on his steed and bellowed orders to deploy for battle. His snaking column obeyed with a grunt and started to fan out. The clouds of flies erupted and it looked so beautiful, he thought. Like a carnival... like a dance... He laughed and bowed towards his army. Now they would feast on human flesh and bones. In his excitement, one of his eyes exploded in a spray of pus, which made him laugh even more. Ah, Father Nurgle provides, he thought as he licked the pus from around his mouth...

Empire Knights and the Steamtank "Kalevala" in desperate battle against Putrid Blightkings and Maurauders of the Red Hand tribe

The daemon prince Jaahx attacks Nordland Handgunners

General Hietanen and Scabeiathrax duel as the Tallymen of Nurgle moves in on Nordland halberdiers
The One and Only - The Tony!
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