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The Battle of Nars (Northern Nordmark)

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Registreringsdatum: 29 mars 2010
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Ort: Länna

InläggPostat: 2016-03-05 20:48:19    Rubrik: The Battle of Nars (Northern Nordmark) Svara med citat

The overcast sky and the light drizzle were setting the tone for this grim day. For grim it would be… General Hietanen looked at the horizon from his flapping griffon and saw the shambling hordes of the undead. It was some kind of paradox in an advancing undead army; yet eager and willing to spill blood and yet so hampered by it’s dead corpses that the advance was slow and erratic. It was horrifying and comforting at the same time. Hietanen knew though, not to underestimate the mindless zombies and the silent skeletons. They could really be devastating in the hands of skilled, undead, generals. He sighed and pulled the reins and urged Ellikato turn around and fly back to his deployed army. Today would be close, he reckoned. From what he had seen, there were two vampires; a woman and a young man, ordering their troops forward. It must be those siblings he had heard of… the de la Varennes. They were carving out their own realm here, in the borders to Galahir and Nordmark and had left a bloody trail after themselves. If they rooted here, times would be harsh and that was a threat he could not allow. They had to be stopped, right here and right now!

He landed behind his trusted infantry line and the men cheered as they saw him and Ellika take place where the fighting would be the hardest. He waved approvingly towards the artillerymen, who were readying their guns. Soon they would speak and tell the undead to pack it up and leave.

On his right, von Drak waited with his cavalry. Their lances pointed towards the grey sky and they sang a song, an old folk-song from Ritvala, that told of valorous deed in dark times. Hietanen had to smile. Only von Drak would think of those old songs just before the battle. He waved a salute towards von Drak who returned with a broad smile. Then the undead troops were sighted and the screaming started. This was a critical moment in a battle – just before the two sides met. The soldiers were itchy and could throw their wepaons and turn and leave if not checked in time. It was natural, but it had to be stopped before it happened. General Hietanen raised his voice:

-Men of Mark! Today the vile and dark forces enter our land. Today they enter and today they get evicted!!! For Mark!!!

The men cheered and readied their weapons and then went silent and turned their attention towards the walking dead. The enemy were near and soon… very soon the dying would begin.

The artillery opened up and fired at a group of advancing Zombie Trolls. The Trolls were screaming and snaring and had their sights on the Mark spearmen that were deployed just in front of them. The artillery roared and the Zombie Trolls were blasted to pieces at an instant! The whole line of Mark soldiers cheered and pointed fingers at the advancing undead hordes.


On the right flank the two armies had concentrated their cavalry against each other. The Knights of Mark faced off against heavy cavalry and chariots, along with some ghostly reapers on ghostly horses. And behind them all; a vampire riding atop an undead Pegasus! It was a ghastly sight and the knights looked at each other with grim faces. A detachment of pistoliers moved ahead and to the right to set up a protected flank. They came under fire from skeleton archers and the chariot riders and had to withdraw from the battlefield! That was not good! General von Drak urged his knights to move slightly forward to gain a favourable position to charge. This was the start of a waiting game, as both sides waited for the right moment to attack. That moment would come…


In the center two huge Zombie hordes advanced. The plan was obvious; they would shamble forward and pin whatever they enountered and then the cavalry would smash the flank and roll up from the side. They came under fire from Bowmen and Arquebuisers, but they moved steadily forward. When they were close the Bowmen and Arquebusiers, the Swordsmen stepped forward in order to intercept the Zombies. Soon, the battle would be hanging in the balance. General Hietanen saluted the Swordsmen and prayed that they would hold and win the center. Because in front of him things were going wrong…


Urged forward by the young Vampire and a Necromancer, the Skeleton infantry slowly trudged forward towards the Mark spearmen. The Spearmen were flanked by a group of Militia-men and they advanced to take the oncoming undead infantry. With the Zombie Trolls killed, the Spearmen were more confident and held steady when two Skeleton units were magically pushed forward into contact by the two undead leaders. It was a terrible sight to see the silent Skeletons hurl themselves into the yelling Mark Spearmen and the crashing sound of swords, spears and shields. The Mark Spearmen took a severe beating, but held! They then countercharged and broke one of the Skeleton units! But, there were more enemies advancing… General Hietanen saw that the Necromancer constantly read litanies in order to bolster and throw forward more Skeletons. That had to be stopped! He kicked his heels into the sides of Ellika and charged the Necromancer!


In the center, the every swordsman hacked and slashed Zombies by the dozen! It was grisly to watch, but the Zombies were loosing and suddenly both hordes were hacked down to a man! The Swordsmen of Mark cheered and looked for more enemies. There were plenty left and one Swordman unit turned to the left and the other to the right. It was time to take the fight to the enemy!


The Knights had run into difficulties! One unit was dispersed, when a large boulder, in the shape of a giant deathskull hit them outright! The devastation was total and the few survivors fled, leaving the other Knight regiment to fend off the oncoming Undead cavalry. Von Drak raised his sword and ordered the charge. The Knights crashed into the chariots, knowing that they would probably be surrounded in mere minutes. But, the flank was collapsing and they had to stem the tide in order to prevent the Undead cavalry from reaching the Mark center. The Knights rammed and skewered the chariots and their crews and suddenly they were through the first line of the Undead flank. The following minutes were terrible though, as they were cut down by Undead cavalry, supported by Skeleton archers that had ran into their flank. Von Drak swore and looked for a way to repay this. He saw, to his surprise, that the two vampires were at the same place and he suddenly realized how his cavalry could be so rapidly defeated. The vampires moved their troops magically and that was why they could surround his troops so fast. Von Drak bit his lip in anger and urged his horse forward in order to kill those vampires!


General Hietanen slammed Ellika into the Necromancer who dived in a vain attempt to escape the Griffon’s claws! One claw tore up his back in a bloody mess! The Necromancer rose though and spat towards Hietanen, who screamed at the Necromancer with his loudest voice:

-In the name of Sigismund! Thou shall pay with your life for trespassing Mark and kill our people! Prepare to meet your doom!

Hietanen urged Ellika to dive and the Necromancer didn’t stand a chance. Ellika’s claws and Hietanen’s longsword almost split him in two! The Necromancer fell without a word and Hietanen turned Ellika around. He saw the Militia lay dead and the Spearmen routing. Bu the also saw the Swordsmen of Mark charging the Revenant infantry! He joined the charge and the Revents were killed to a Skeleton! They had by this won the left flank and the center of the battlefield, but to a horrible price. Soon it was dark though, as the day drew nearer to night. The two armies had to disengage in mere minutes and from what Hietanen saw, it was close and no side could claim victory. Unless von Drak crushed his flank in the next few minutes…


Von Drak charged the Vampire Lord on his shabby, undead horse. As he did this he noticed that the Vampire woman flew pas and attacked the poor bowmen that had tried to help the Knights earlier in their fight against the Undead cavalry. They were probaly doomed and he added their presumed deaths to the tally for the revenge on the Vampire…

-Look at me, vile creature of the dead! This is where your roving days stop! Give me your name, before I kill you!
-The name is Honoré, my dear… human… and I have no plnas to retire yet!

The two generals met with swinging swords and von Drak cut the Vampire Lord deep in the chest. Honoré reeled backwards and almost fell off his horse, but managed to stay on top of it. With a surprised face he started to fall back, clutching his left hand over the terrible wound in the chest. It was almost dark and the two armies were exhausted. The battle was over…

The One and Only - The Tony!
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